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Hamburg's Longest Gallery

The exhibition "Global Avenue“ will turn Hamburg's exhibition and convention halls into an outdoor gallery of international streetscapes

São Paulo, Berlin, Shanghai, Istanbul – 40 large-format prints of street scenes in four different cities will be on display on the walls of the Hamburg exhibition and convention halls, creating the city’s largest and longest gallery for the next six month. The subject matter is the growing similarity of large, downtown streets in big cities around the world. Called “Global Avenue”, it will be shown from June to December 2015 in Hamburg.

Society and Identity of a Country

Born in 1971 in Oberhausen, Germany, Julia Knop studied photography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts with Prof Arno Fischer and Prof Gisela Scheidler, among others. She has been living in Hamburg since 1998, where she has worked on her own projects as well as on photo projects for magazines and agencies.”
By scenes taken in historically and economically important streets of a city, we learn about the identity of a country and society, and thus improve the knowledge of each other,” says Julia Knop. These scenes are similar across continents. Branches of large, globalised fashion brands unify the once individual streetscape. Even office workers, tourists, teenagers, shoppers, street performers and homeless people find themselves as protagonists in all cities. The mobile phone as a mandatory accessory of modern man is the symbol of global networking.

Looking for Details

Unusual perspectives and a special eye for detail characterise the work of Julia Knophe. In “100 people”, a long-term project started in 2005, the idea was to photograph 100 people, one by one, on a particular occasion or just over a certain period of time at a particular location. “People Along the River” was one of these motifs. Together with photographer colleague Jan Siefke, who shot a series for this project in Shanghai, an exhibit on display in the old Elbtunnel in Hamburg originated from this. 100 portraits of people at the Elbe river, photographed by Julia Knop, and 100 portraits of people on the banks of the Huangpu river by Jan Siefke were shown respectively, in each of the two historic tunnels. The double exhibition had been one of highlight of the “China-Times Hamburg” festival and a show at the OFOTO gallery in Shanghai.

For the second time the longest gallery in Hamburg

“As Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, we are physically and economically an essential part of the city. After the photo exhibition “halftime”, “Global Avenue” will be turning once again our facade along Karolinenstraße into the longest gallery in Hamburg. Where else could artistic street scenes be better shown than directly on a street? To the delight of Hamburg locals and visitors, we will not only be Hamburg serving as fair grounds and stage of the economy, but also as the gallery in the heart of the city”, explains Dr Ulla Kopp, CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The exhibition “Global Avenue” will be open to the general public 24/7 from 16 June to 6 December.

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