Forward Festival 2019 in Hamburg © Forward Festival

Hamburg's Forward Festival bringing creatives together

International creative experts to tell their success stories

The Millerntor Station in St. Pauli is gearing up to host the Forward Festival from July 4-5, 2019 and to become a hotspot of internationally renowned design, creative and communication experts. Keynote speakers will give insights into their experiences and success stories. The festival features a conference, an interactive exhibition, workshops, live performances and student talks.

Festival as a creative construction kit

During the conference, U.S. graphic designer David Carson and the British creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), which combines experimental genres with new media, will outline their work. The festival now in its fifth year, is likely to have several surprises and special events in store for delegates. Founded in 2014 by Othmar Handl and Lukas Kauer, the duo said: “For us, the festivals are like modular construction kits – we always try to change or supplement elements.”

Creative festival for German-speaking region

The Forward Festival attracts all kinds of thinkers and doers, creative people, and entrepreneurs from various industries every year. Earlier held in Vienna, Munich and Zurich, the creative festival is now venturing to northern regions including Hamburg – a bastion of creativity and advertising. The Millerntor Stadium joins the league of impressive venues such as Vienna’s Gartenbaukino, the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich and the KOSMOS Kulturhaus in Zurich to host the festival so far. Last year, organisers launched the Forward Magazine magazine to provide regular insights into events in the design world.

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