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Hamburg's culture hackathon presents results

100 designers and scientists spent seven weeks developing web pages, apps and other projects - outstanding projects to be selected Sunday

Over 100 developers, designers, artists, hardware experts and culture fans in north Germany and Denmark have spent the last seven weeks developing apps, web pages and digital means of expression released for use by cultural institutions in the Coding Da Vinci hackathon. Several of Hamburg’s cultural institutes including the Archaeological Museum Hamburg, Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Work), Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg confirmed their participation and open their data bases for the event. A jury will present awards to winners in five categories on Sunday (November 6th) during an event to be opened by Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture.

Cultural heritage and technology

Brosda said: “The Coding da Vinci Nord project shows impressively how to combine passion and respect for centuries-old cultural heritage cleverly with the latest technical developments and head into the future with them. The emerging projects are as multifaceted and promising as the varied data sets – from copperplate engravings dating to 1600 to portraits of ships. Digitalisation still holds dormant potential for conveying cultural attractions.”

Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, said: “Coding da Vinci Nord gives experimental, first answers to two central and highly complex issues facing the creative industry: how do classic cultural institutions manage the transfer to the digital world and how does innovation emerge from interdisciplinary collaboration? Coding da Vinci is a streamlined, self-organised, co-operative format, which is committed in an unbiased manner to finding solutions rather than focusing on problems. All those involved found it enjoyable and this is certainly a reason for its success.”

Five prize categories

A jury will present prizes in five categories on Sunday. The members include Stephan Barthomei, German Digital Library, (DDB), Alexandra Waligorski (Workshop-Festival A/D/A), Marco Maas (x minutes news app), Louise Overgaard (Dokk 1, Aarhus Library, Member of the Board Coding Pirates Denmark), Nina Dreier (Cultural Authority Hamburg) and Prof. Frank Steinicke (University of Hamburg, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Sciences).

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