Depot Kunsthalle © amburger Kunsthalle Photo: Norbert Weidemann

Hamburg's Art Gallery finalises Works on its Art Deposit

Hamburg's civic art gallery's modernisation progresses well. Art gallery deposit is now meeting the highest international requirements

The modernisation of Hamburg’s civic art gallery is progressing well, with the central deposit now being fully updated to the highest international standards. First halls of the permanent collection have also been modernised. The shell of the museum’s annex has also been erected. Central aim of all works is to make the art gallery for even more attractive to visitors and to increase the appeal of the internationally important collection.The city of Hamburg contributed four million euro to the costs. Further 15 million euro of modernisation funds come from a donation of the Dorit & Alexander Otto Foundation.

One Single Museum Complex

The modernisation will integrated all units of Hamburger Kunsthalle into a single museum complex. To achieve this, the historic main entry will be re-opened and the central staircase, out of use since 1919, reshaped to lead the way into an open arcade room. Flooded by natural light, the spacious new entrance hall will offer amazing views of the Alster lake through its large glass windows. From the barrier-free new lobby with ticket sale, museum shop and visitor info, two new walks will guide through the collections of contemporary works or arts before 1950. Modern LED lighting, new flooring and new wall surfaces will improve the presentation of paintings and other art objects.

Reopening in Spring 2016

Parts of the Hamburger Kunsthalle will remain open to visitors during the modernisation. Large-scale temporary exhibitions will continue to be shown in the Galerie der Gegenwart, and there will also be a display featuring the 200 most important works from the museum’s collections. A wide-ranging programme of events and art education courses will also be offered during the construction phase. On completion of the modernisation project, the Hamburger Kunsthalle will present its impressive new design to the public in spring 2016.

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Facts & Figures on the Depot's Upgrade

• about 35 tonnes of steel beams were used as a substructure for the depot’s sliding walls
• 4,100 m² new depot sliding walls mounted
• 900 m² of new parquet laid
• 1,400 m² of wall plaster primed and painted
• two new lifts for the transport of art installed
• old water pipes, heating and power removed
• new electrical wiring, burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, emergency lighting, alarm system installed
• new ventilation and air conditioning installed
• new doors and windows mounted, including a fire protection gate
• all works were carried out on a total of three floors
• 40 workers were in action

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