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Hamburger Tagesjournal - newsletter for Hamburg from Hamburg

Newsletter contains short, compact references to reports from Welt, NDR and Hamburg News

The Hamburg Tagesjournal has been published at 6 a.m. every weekday since April 2015. Subscribers receive it per email. The publisher, Mathias Adler, said: “Newsletters are experiencing a renaissance despite more social media. In a world full of unoverviewable information and sources, they combine and sort news and reach the reader’s personal in-box in the mornings.”

Welt, NDR and Hamburg News

The news selected from Hamburg and Welt is packed in short, compact teasers. All the reports refer to social media sources; social networks and original sources allowing the reader to research the topic. The Tagesjournal refers to articles in Welt, NDR and Hamburg News.

Asked whether the Hamburger Tagesjournal can rival local media like Hamburger Abendblatt or Hamburger Morgenpost, Adler told Medipreneure in an interview: “Yes, if you are trying to get a quick overview of important issues in the city. No, because newspapers can, of course, go to greater depth of content.”

Up-to-date reports on Twitter and Facebook

At present, Hamburger Tagesjournal has around 12,000 subscribers in Hamburg. The circle of readers consists of multipliers from media, politics, PR, economics, administration and culture. Up-to-date reports can be found on Twitter und Facebook during the day. The publisher-independent offer is refinanced through advertising.

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