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Hamburger Hochbahn plans new ticket system based on mobile phones

Automatic passenger recognition. Mobile internet and several transport providers at a glance. Digitalisation of urban transport in Hamburg goes full speed ahead

The Hamburger Hochbahn is planning a mobile phone-based ticket system capable of automatically recognising where passengers boarded and alighted. A tender has been issued all over Europe to obtain an overview of technical solutions, the company announced at a press conference on June 23, 2016. The project called “Check-in/Be-out” would dispense with cash payments and buying tickets. The first tests will start in 2017.

Aims to make cars unnecessary

Since late April, tests have been underway to introduce free WLAN on the No. 5 bus and at two underground stations as part of Hamburger Hochbahn’s plan to offer timely and comprehensive WLAN on all busses and at underground stops.

Henrik Falk, CEO of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, said: “We want to use the chance offered by digitalization to set up a new kind of mobility which will make owning your own car superfluous.” Customers wish to use the journey time for chats or arranging personal affairs. The Hamburger Hochbahn is responding with innovative concepts such as “Check-in/Be-out” or free WLAN.

6.4 million additional passengers

The switchh project, which enhances the HVV app, will allow swift, easy access to flexible transport offers. More new providers are expected this year. All HVV users, and not just subscribers, will be able to use the services of car2go, StadtRAD, Drive Now and cambio in future.

Passenger numbers increased 1.5 per cent in 2015 after two years of weaker growth. At present, around 6.4 million passengers use Hamburger Hochbahn’s underground trains and busses, the company said at the press conference.

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