Die Gründer von Skybus v.l.: Pierre Manière, Marius Schmeding und Peter Sorowka - © Muriel Liebmann

Industry 4.0 Skybus' Tool Facilitates Communication of Machinery

At Startups@Reeperbahn pitch, the Hamburg newcomer will have to compete against four finalists

Only formed in April 2015, the Hamburg startup Skybus will be promoting a toolkit for the implementation of “Industry 4.0” projects. By providing a lightweight and extremely extensible software stack as well as industry bus connectors and SDKs for various software environments, Skybus will make it easier than ever to set up an industrial network without risky changes to working systems. The newcomers will have to compete against four finalists at the Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch, an event of Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, on 23 September 2015.

Expansion of Industrial Communication Interfaces

The new toolkit is the brainchild of the former business consultant Pierre Manière, software developer Marius Schmeding, and electrical engineer Peter Sorowka. The three have been working for several years working at the Hamburg incubator “Gründerwerft” on the software. The now developed Skybus box can be easily integrated into existing machine networks, and offer adapter for almost all existing industrial interfaces. Source codes of machines, devices or sensors can be easily integrated into applications via an online platform.

Skybus Connets Software Developers and Maschines

The business ideals has been explained by co-founders Pierre Manière and Marius Schmeding in an interview with nextMedia.Hamburg: “A good example is, for instance, the development of a smartphone, which is intended to alert the responsible shift supervisor in the case of machines overheating. So far, to create such an app and to implement it has been very complicated, because the machine manufacturer has no competence in apps, and app developers normally have no expertise on industry machinery. Skybus fills this gap.”

Innovative Concept at Test

Even though the toolkit is still under development, a first testing has been successfully conducted. In a research project by the technical university RWTH Aachen, Skybus acted as a an interface between a manufacturer of sensors and industry machinery. „Our software has been extremely well received,” Peter Sorowka told Hamburg News. “Within a few hours, the programmers of RWTH Aachen were using Skybus to develop an app for monitoring the machines.” The project was a valuable referen. It also made the co-operating manufacturer of sensors quite curious about the concept of Skybus.

Fully Booked in September

Skybus is not only participating at the Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch, but also promoting its toolkit at other events, including this week’s ON 18-19 September, the founders are organisinig a marathon for hackers, called „Hackathon“ by insiders. At the event, software developers will be able to use the new toolkit and to explore its potentials.

BUS System in the Cloud

Last but not least, you may be curious why the founders have chosen “Skybus” as name for their kit. Also this riddle has been solved by co-founder Pierre Manière in the interview with nextMedia.Hamburg: industrial machines are usually connected to a so-called BUS system. If this is linked to a new software in a cloud, you’ll have.. well, yes, a “Skybus”.

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About Startup@Reeperbahn Pitch

Skybus will be competing against four finalist at the Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival on 23 September 2015. The other four finalists are Antelope, a distributor of smart sportswear from Frankfurt, the Fintech services provider Figo from Hamburg; Funzi from Finland with its learning app for developing countries; MedLango from Berlin with a platform for medical translations. The winners of the competition will be rewarded with the Spiegel Online Media Award endowed with 100,000 euro.
Source and further details: Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch”:

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