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Hamburg Startup Presents The World's First Online Charity Game

You play, we donate: Charity GamesLAB presents an online games that collects money by ads and donates it to the world's largest child charity organisation

You play, we donate as long as you play! With this vision, the Hamburg startup Charity Gameslab launched a crowdfunding campaign, addressing all who want to gamble, but feel good about it by doing good. The startup Dock of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) supported the developers.

Gambling For Charity

The Hamburg Charity Gameslab is a developer of mobile games, who links fun to charity. “The idea is completely new and donation was never easier”, says Sohrab Shojaei Khatouni, CEO and founder of the Charity Gameslab. “The charity games are conventional apps. Only by the Charity Game Logo, the player will recognise that it is actually an app supporting a good cause. The concept behind the charity game Snook Skyrider is quite easy: the app can be downloaded for free on any mobile phone and can be easily enjoyed by the player.

Promotional Clips For Revenue

Revenue is generated by short advertising interrupting the games. If the player wants for example, to acquire a special in-game item, he will be given it after watching a 15-second commercials. As a result, the charity gamer is not financially burdened and still generate donations, as long as he plays. The game is available for free for IOS and Android software in all app stores.

Donations For Children Worldwide

Save the Children is the world’s largest independent children’s rights organisation. It stands up for the rights of all children to health and survival, school, education and protection from violence and exploitation. Founded in 1919, Save the Children has been active worldwide for more than 90 years.

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