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Hamburg Startup Offers Scooter Rental

Hamburg startup Jaano has been proposing his scooter rental as an alternative to bus and rail transport for several months – a great way to enjoy summer!

Founded in 2014, the Hamburg startup Jaano calls his service “the world’s first Vespa sharing”. Since spring t2015, the scooters can be rented and used between Landungsbrücken and the city’s green lung Stadtpark. Similar to the concept of car sharing, the “Primavera Vespa” offers an alternative with two great advances. Even in thick traffic, scooters are faster due to their unique maneuverability, and also finding a parking space is much easier.

Scooter Search Via Smartphone

The operation principle is simple and based on the use of smartphones. After an online registration (19.99 euro), user have to register their driving license in a partner store, where they will get a brief introduction on driving and handling the Vespa. Afterwards, they can view on the app where the next free scooter is located. Once booked, it will be reserved for 20 minutes. For the trip, two helmets will be provided and always ready with the scooters. Prices are 19 cents per minute, with a reduced parking fee of 11 cents/min. applicable for Scooter errands in town.

Recreational Trips to Hamburg’s Surrounds

Additional tariff packages allow longer trips. However, scooters will always have to be parked in Hamburg’s central business district. “We see that our customers take our scooters to enjoy popular excursion spots such as the Alte Land, and we love this attitude of our customers”, says Jaan Hofmann and Tino Hoffrichter, the founder of Jaano. Another asset of his scooters: cellular phones can be charged while driving.

More Roller, larger business area

The two founders have been working on their business idea since 2013. “We wanted to provide a flexible alternative for urban traffic. The Italian Vespa scooter is cult, and driving it means an extra bit of fun”, thus the founder. Officially registered in 2014, Jaano today employs at staff of ten at its office in posh Hamburg-Harvestehude. With the help of investors, the number of rollers will soon be expanded along with Jaano’s operating area.

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