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Hamburg Startup Introduces Platform For Mobile Bike Service

Having launched their platform in April, the founders of the Hamburg startup Veloyo makes it easy for cyclists to find the perfect mechanic

With spring flowers blossoming, and sunny times back, biking gets once again popular with the locals. The Hamburg startup Veloyo thus chose the perfect season to introduce their services. Launched this month, their Internet platform makes it easy for cyclists to contact a nearby mechanic in times of need.

Inspiration From Denmark

The idea is not entirely new. During his studies in Copenhagen in 2012, co-founder Sebastian Kellner has already encountered innovative approaches to make arduous bicycle repairs easier and faster. To avoid the need of having to use a second wheel, to repair the bike in the living room, or to wait for quite a while before the bike has been repaired by a professional work shops were key objective for Sebastian Kellner and Niko Uphoff when founding Veloyo.

Quality Control Via Photo

In case of a bike problem, users of Veloyo simply have to upload a picture of their damage to the platform and describe what needs to be fixed. Veloyo will forward the entry to the nearest repair shop available. Once the repairs have been done, a photo will be send to the client to ensure all works are satisfactory. A chat feature allows client and mechanic to discuss details. Payments will be made by credit card.

The team behind Veloyo worked for one year on the new platform before launching it in April. With first orders coming it, Veloyo plans to raise staff figures in the current year and to introduces its services in other cities.

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