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Hamburg start-up, audioguideMe, develops app for newcomers

"Hello Hamburg" app to make public institutions accessible. More collaborations planned

Life for newcomers to Hamburg is about to become easier thanks to a new app called “Hello Hamburg – The Newcomer’s Handbook” launched by the start-up, audioguideMe, and Bücherhallen Hamburg. The app is now available free of charge from app stores for Apple and Android mobiles and should ease access to key, public institutions. The initial partners include adult education centres, Volkshochschulen (VHS), the city’s largest provider of day-care centres, Elbkinder, and the Bücherhallen Hamburg.

Audio features in five languages

The multilingual app will be available in Arabic, German, English, Farsi and Russian initially. Information can be downloaded in short podcasts in the respective language. The app gives practical tips on life in Hamburg and an overview of the Bücherhallen Hamburg, VHS and Elbkinder’s offers.

More collaborations planned

Plans are underway to make the service an open platform and to include other municipal partners. By offering automatic replies to everyday queries, the app could prove a real help for clerks in public institutions by alleviating their workloads.

About audioguideMe

The Hamburg-based start-up, audioguideMe, specialises in storytelling concepts. Their partners can embed audioguideMe’s web applications e.g. interactive audio maps on their own web pages. At present, audioguideMe has around 150 co-operating partners including local radio stations and tourist organisations. Hannes Wirtz, Paul Bekedorf and Christoph Tank founded the start-up in 2013.

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