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Hamburg Raises Funding For Live Music

41 Hamburg music clubs and music initiatives received support from the city's Live Concert Account

For the sixth time, The Hamburg Ministry of Culture has been allocating financial resources from the Live Concert Account to Hamburg’s live music culture. Each year, funding totals 150,000 euro. However, this year, the Ministry of Culture and Hamburg’s Club Foundation have been able to increase the support in the recently concluded round of funding by 30,000 euro to 180,000 euro. The Hamburg Ministry of Culture allocated additional 20,000 euro from its budget, the Hamburg Club Foundation contributed further 10,000 euro.

Hamburg Promotes Live Music In Clubs

Prof Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister of Culture: “Hamburg’s Live Concert Account is a funding scheme unique in Germany for the support of live music clubs. The high acceptance of the Live Concert account stems from the fact that is has been developed in a close dialogue with the live music scene. This year’s increase in the Live Concert Account was made possible by a a donation Club Foundation. Embodying the solidarity with Hamburg’s club scene, it provided the basis for the Hamburg Ministry of Culture to also provide additional funds. “

Karsten Schölermann, first chairman of the Club Foundation: “Our donation was made possible by the success of our ticketing system. With each ticket sale, a “club euro” is donated to the Club Foundation. With nearly 20,000 tickets sold in our third year, we regard this success as a great sign of solidarity with the 23 clubs that have already joined us.”

GEMA Charges Finance Club Promotion

The funds paid our by the Live Concert Account of Hamburg’s Ministry of Culture are determined on the basis of the licensing fees paid to GEMA, Germany’s society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights, by the Hamburg music clubs. The club scene in Hamburg is thus encouraged to play live music.

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