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Successful Launch: Hamburg News Excels Expectations

The bilingual business news portal promotes clusters and key industry, feeds social media channels with related news, and thus boost Hamburg's economy

Successful start of the “Hamburg News”: In mid-December, the web portal on business news from the Hamburg metro region recorded 500,000 page impressions. “Our target has been exceeded twice”, says Thorsten Kausch, managing director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH (HMG).

News for the International Business Community

Hamburg News were launched in July 2014. Back then, HMG and its partners transformed the well-established newsletter of the same name published by the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation into today’s central business platform. Since then, Hamburg News have been continuously adopted and expanded to meet the demands of its reader, and to custom-tailor address the target group. Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, managing director HWF: “The Hamburg News are an ideal medium, in particular for the international economy as well as their advisors, to gather information on latest developments in the business location Hamburg. The Hamburg News thus support the efforts of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation to bring new companies to Hamburg. “With 250,000. unique users, the Hamburg News are the leading business news service of the region.”

Promoting Hamburg

According to Thorsten Kausch, managing director HMG, the success is mainly due to the bilingualism of the website. “Presenting news on Hamburg is both English and German offers a great value compared to similar news portals, and allows us to pursue our goal making Hamburg and its strong economy better known internationally”, thus Kausch. The proportion of English-speaking users has meanwhile reached 35 per cent.

In addition to its daily news service, the editorial team of “Hamburg News” is feeding posts through social media, collecting news feeds, and sending out a weekly newsletter to ensure cross-media networking. In the selection of topics, the “Hamburg News” benefit from close networking with the city’s industry clusters, including renewable energies, healthcare and life sciences, aviation, and the creative industries. Other partners are the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and The goal for 2016 is to increase the number of users per million

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About Hamburg Marketing GmbH

The Hamburg Marketing GmbH is responsible for the development, communication and steering of the Hamburg brand with value creation and quality of life as key objectives. As strategic agent, coordinates and harmonises the activities of the city’s marketing partners to increase the attractiveness of Hamburg and its metropolitan region at home and abroad.
In the public image, Hamburg Marketing ensures a coherent appearance of the Hamburg brand and increases its awareness in people and companies. To its partners, it serves as catalyst and counselor. Four partners bundled under the roof of strategic holding, including the Hamburg Tourism Board,, the Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH, and the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

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