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Hamburg marketing sector in top form

Marketing barometer 2015/2016: business better than most in Hamburg. Constant budgets as well as upgrading of digital channels expected in 2016.

The Hamburg marketing sector believes it is in far better condition at the start of 2016 than between 2012 and 2014, according to an annual survey of the mood by the Chamber of Commerce, Marketeer Club Europe e.V., EBC University and the marketing consultancy Reinecke & Rosengarten GmbH.

Small companies satisfied

Last December, 73 per cent of interviewed companies said their business situation was “good”, an increase of six percentage points over the previous year. Some 21 per cent of those interviewed rated their situation as “satisfactory” while only 6 per cent said it was “bad”. However, Professor Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, noted: “The mood in large companies is more sceptical than in smaller firms.” Some 16 per cent of companies with over 5,000 employees rated their business situation as “bad” while only 2 per cent of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees came to that conclusion. Overall, satisfaction in the marketing sector is above the average in Hamburg’s economy.

Steady staff numbers

The branch is expecting the future business situation and employee numbers in marketing and sales to remain on the same good levels as in previous years. Some 56 per cent of those interviewed expressed this opinion while 36 per cent expected “favourable” and 8 per cent “unfavourable” developments. The majority of companies as remitters are expecting steady marketing budgets and further upgrading of digital channels. Companies with over 1,000 employees were often more sceptical than firms with fewer than 1,000 staff, the survey found.

More small companies expecting higher budgets

The expectations of “remitting” companies about the extent of their budgets were slightly more cautious. At the turn of the year, 68 per cent of companies expected unchanged budgets and 21 per cent expected higher ones. The share of those expecting decreasing budgets fell from 16 to 10 per cent over the previous year. Some 26 per cent of firms with up to 1,000 employees expect higher budgets while only 13 per cent of large companies with over 5,000 staff do so.

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Hamburg Marketing Barometer

The Hamburg Marketing Barometer has been published since 2012 and reflects the present development and marketing trends in Hamburg-based companies with over 100 employees. Managers, human resources officers, marketing departments in companies throughout Hamburg as well as agencies rated the market development in an online questionnaire. This time, 228 firms including four agencies took part. Unlike 2013 and 2014, a statistically-meaningful differentiation of the results according to “remitters” and “agencies” was not possible. See also: “Hamburger Marketingbarometer 2015/2016” on, Document 31146740

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