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Operation Ton#8: Hamburg to host national music conference

Rock City Hamburg to organise conference cum festival 7-8 November 2014 as a "pop-cultural counterpoint" to other conference formats.

Funded by Hamburg Ministry of Culture, the operators of the centre for popular music “Rock City Hamburg e.V.” will host one again a novel congress format. Called “Operation Ton#8” it invites musicians from all over Germany to discuss and exchange opinions on on current topics and issues in the music world and the music industry for two days. Prof Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister for Culture, will open the conference on 7 November in the “Kulturhaus 73”. Applications are now open for music makers as well as well as media representatives.

Exchange of information and ideas

Culture Senator Prof. Barbara Kisseler: “For the eighth time, music makers from all over Germany are offered the conference and festival format in Hamburg. “Operation Tone 8” is a platform for the exchange of information and ideas. As an interface for music makers Rock City Hamburg is very successful in making music projects happened, benefiting from many years of experience, and a broad and diverse network of expertise.”

Pop-cultural counterpoint to known conference formats

The conference and festival programme of “Operation Ton#8 is primarily aimed at musicians, self-marketeers, composers, songwriters, bookers, managers, producers, and sound designers and those who want to be in the music business. Speakers will include: Amelie Deuflhard (Hamburg), HP Baxxter (Hamburg), Frank Spilker (Hamburg), Michelle Leonard (Hamburg), Wenzel Storch (Hildesheim), and Moses Schneider (Berlin). “Operation Ton#8” regards itself as a pop cultural counter-proposal conference to known formats, taking up trends and themes of the industry and providing space and time for the development for new approaches. The two-day conference is accompanied by a festival programme each evening.

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