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Hamburg to get urban data hub

HafenCity University and Landesbetrieb Geoinformation Vermessung set up urban data platform

The potential of urban data in Hamburg is set be tapped even better after the Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung (LGV) and HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU Hamburg) agreed to form the joint “Urban Data Hub Hamburg (UD-HUB)” as part of the senate’s “Digital City” strategy. The centre will link up data on transport, environment, social affairs and economy on an urban data platform for real-time evaluation, according to a press release on Tuesday (July 10, 2018).

Online access to urban data possible

The UD-HUB will link up urban data for retrieval in real time on the internet – quickly and up-to-date. Led by LGV, the two partners are researching development needs and designing innovative digital services that can support various user groups – from civil society to business, science and administration. An example of integrated applications that LGV has already developed on the basis of the urban platform is the web-based map service Geo-Online of the City of Hamburg. The present traffic situation, for instance, and development plans; educational institutions or the location and occupancy status of electric charging stations can be queried.

Digital City strategy

In 2015, the senate adopted the “Digital City” strategy, with which the Hanseatic city intends to play a leading role in digitalisation throughout Germany and Europe. As part of this framework, processes are to be bundled and suitable structures created for optimum development. The projects range from digital administration, intelligent transport systems (Smart City) and port organisation (Smart Port), educational and cultural activities to digital infrastructure for the entire energy supply (Smart Energy).

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