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"Hamburg's start-up scene is burgeoning"

Deutsche Welle says: Berlin may be a hive of entrepreneurial activity in Germany – but Hamburg is fast catching up and has ample logistical and financial support for start-ups to get going

How many start-ups there were in Germany, no one could tell. But Alexander Drechsler, editor-in-chief at Deutsche Welle’s multimedia desk ‘regions’, is certain: the entrepreneurial spirit of the capital that once founded Berlin’s reputation as a start-up capital, has long been found in other cities and regions, especially in Hamburg, Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Social Media Week In Hamburg

And so it is Hamburg, and not Berlin,that is hosting global Social Media Week in Germany for the fourth time. Until 27 February, the creative and digital economy will meet at 200 events to discuss the latest developments in digital technology, social change, and social networks. Those who have no chance to participate, can follow the discussions by live stream. Themes also high on the agenda are the future of mobile applications and receiving devices such as mobile phones and tablets, crowdfunding, the stress of constant availability ,and digital life and work.

Stronghold Of Gaming

“Hamburg is primarily a bastion of online gamers”, said Sina Gritzuhn from the “Hamburg startups” portal. Numerous successful developers of online games and game apps are based in Hamburg. Good Game Studio, Bigpoint and Innnogames developed into global players in Hamburg’s dynamic climate, and now employ hundreds of staff. Their success is attracting new start-ups and provides not only hope to young local founders, but also access to knowledge and support. In Hamburg, founders don’t lock themselves in and hide their ideas, but love to network in industry networks. Gritzuhn, who invites founders to network on her platform, estimates that there are some 300 start-ups in Hamburg with an average of 15 employees. Four of them proudly hold a ticket for the international creative fair SXSW in Texas that will be held in Austin next month: Tinnitus, Trip Rebel, minubo and There, the Hamburg founders will have to convinced international investors of their excellence.

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