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Hamburg is the City Brand of the Year 2015

Hamburg's Campaign "Great Freedom for Great Culture“ Recognised at City Brand of the Year 2015

To promote Hamburg as a German leader in culture, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and the city’s cultural institution launched the „Große Freiheit für große Kultur“ campaign. On 29 October 2015, the campaign as the country’s best and “City Brand of the Year 2015” at the “Night of Cultural Brands“ in Berlin, attended by 550 Gästen from culture, media, and business.

Incentive for Co-operation

“With its numerous large and small cultural institutions, Hamburg offers a wide selection of culture, thriving on the city’s freedom granted to arts and culture. Thanks to the culture campaign, Hamburg is now increasingly recognised as a vibrant, diverse and dynamic cultural metropolis”. says Prof. Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister of Culture. The distinction of being honoured as city brand of 2015 is a great incentive to further expand the co-operation started between the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Hamburg Marketing, the the city’s cultural institutions in the future.

99 Applications

The 21 nominees of the seven categories of the European Culture Brand Awards 2015 have been chosen by a 29-member jury of experts from culture, economy and media presided by Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt (president of the Cultural Policy Society). In total, 99 applications were submitted.

Hamburg launched its visually powerful campaign “Große Freiheit for large culture” in late 2014 to promote Hamburg’s cultural diversity both internally and externally. Numerous cultural institutions have been part of the campaign. The ten poster designs are interconnected by a concise key visual. The “Grosse Freiheit” – once reference to religion and freedom of occupation Altona – became a symbol for Hamburg’s culture, where it does not withdraws into houses nor behind curtains, but turns city into a stage, with styles and genres co-existing and breeding new hybrid forms.

30 Posters

With 300 cultural institutions, including 60 museums and 45 theatres, Hamburg’s cultural landscape is rich, varied, and of high quality. With the new cultural marketing campaign developed by Hamburg Marketing GmbH in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture and Hamburg’s cultural institutions, this diversity is now made visible in a uniform way, without neglecting the individuality of each participant. The campaign promotes Hamburg’s cultural assets by 30 posters.

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