Year of the Monkey Festival - © Karim Wallbaum

Hamburg to host "Year of the Monkey" 2016

30 international speakers in Hamburg to highlight Internet of Things, virtual reality, business and mindfulness among others

Monkeys are very inquisitive and resourceful animals. And their traits lend themselves to the innovation festival the “Year of the X 2016” that is being held under the theme of “Release Your Inner Monkey“ in Hamburg. 2016 is the “Year of the Monkey” according to the Chinese zodiac. Around 30 international speakers are expected in the city’s Markthalle on November 3rd to pick up this theme. In April, around 600 delegates attended the “Year of the Monkey Festival” in Munich. Established by Markus von der Lühe, founder of X, the event highlights innovation and digital themes.

Speakers from Google and IBM

Delegates will touch on issues such as robotics, Internet of Things, connected cars, virtual reality, business and mindfulness. And the speakers include Kelly Hook from IBM and Watson West and Oliver Rosenthal from Google Deutschland as well as Dr. Carsten Brosda, Hamburg’s State Councillor for Culture, Media and Digital Affairs.

Majority of women

Events held in YOTX are highly diverse as reflected by the speakers and hosts of workshops. The adventurer Alex Bellini will give a keynote speech and describe how he crossed the Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat. Most of the speakers are women and also include Gesche Haas from Dreamers//Doers and Jenn Lim, co-founder of the coaching company Delivering Happiness.

Year of the Goat Festival

Last year, the YOTX was held in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt under the theme of Fight your inner Goat”.

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