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New Survey: Hamburg is Germany's Capital of Press and Agencies

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce presents new survey on the media location Hamburg. All sub-sectors of the creative industries are present

With approximately 2,000 companies and 10,000 employees subject to social insurance contributions, Hamburg is Germany’s capital for press press products. In addition, Hamburg is also a stronghold of agencies, with 13,000 employees subject to social insurance contributions, and further 7,000 in the ​​design sector. These are the results of the new “Media Hamburg – Survey 2015” presented by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. “This means that our business location can continue to call itself the ‘Presse- and Agenturhochburg’ (capital of press and agencies) of German media cities”, proudly states Prof. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, Director General of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. A fact confirmed also by the World Publishing Expo, the world’s major trade fair for newspapers and news publishers, held until the end of Wednesday in the Hamburg exhibition and convention centre.

Representing All Relevant Areas

According to Schmidt-Trenz, the particular asset of Hamburg is the strong presence of all sub-sectors of the creative industries in Hamburg. Creating a very fruitful mix of industries, it allows to handle converging themes across sectors.

Further results of the analysis: important by tradition, the cultural and creative industries in Hamburg have gained even more weight due to the digitisation of the economy. In Hamburg, approximately 50,000 people subject to social security contributions work in the media and creative industries. Among tHamburg’s 14,000 creative enterprises, many famous national and international media brands iare represented.

Hamburg’s Role in Comparison

The analysis also compared Hamburg’s role with three other media cities, i.e. Berlin, Cologne and Munich. The figures show that Hamburg has actively positioned itself in recent years as content city. The city state also played a leading role in the nationwide debates on media regulation, copyright, and data protection.

Cluster activities and dedicated lobbying by organisations have borne fruit n many sectors of the Elbe city and prepared a good breeding ground for efficient working. Music and games, in particular, were named best practices by the analysis paper. “The national and international perception of Hamburg as a location for creative industries has become much greater in recent years”, states Schmidt-Trenz, and quotes as indicators the growing variety of creative events such as the Reeperbahn Festival or ADC Festival that were set up in Hamburg or expanded.

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