Virtual Reality Startup Vireed © Dominik Tryba

Hamburg-based Vireed aims to turn learning into an experience

Vireed and UKE developing software with virtual reality for immersive learning experiences

Nick Wiese, CEO and co-founder of Vireed, hit on the idea for the start-up in April 2017 and found a partner in the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic (UKE) just a month later. Using Vireed Med software, the start-up is now developing a virtual reality (VR) training platform to help students, doctors and medical assistants to simulate, practice and learn about medical emergencies. Based on learning by doing, process-based scenarios are learned without endangering equipment or lives. All the scenarios are based on globally standardised emergency algorithms and guidelines.

Practical exercises in a virtual space

Vireed is able to create complete and realistic simulations in combination with the extremely vivid VR education platform. Modern VR simulations are created using the well-known Unreal Engine. The VR platform offers several scenarios based on standardised emergency algorithms and guidelines to select from. These scenarios change constantly as result of a large number of possible operations.

Each scenario contains both a theoretical and an emergency mode. The theoretical mode provides detailed step-by-step directions that are easily understood. By contrast, the emergency mode poses challenges to the user under realistic conditions and without assistance. A multi-user mode will be available alongside the single-user mode to improve teamwork.

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