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Hamburg's Foodguide to appear on "The Lion's Den"

Start-up needs EUR 450,000 to go global - offering 15 per cent of company

Finding the perfect restaurant can be time consuming and especially when you are hungry. An app developed by Malte Steiert, 24, and Finn Fahrenkrug, 26, the founders of the Hamburg-based Foodguide start-up, offers relief and makes restaurant hunting fun and much easier. The app tracks down restaurants in a user’s location and shows photos of dishes served by the most popular restaurants and uploaded by fans, said the duo.

Users just have to swipe the screens of their mobile phones to reserve a table in their favourite restaurant. A map on the app then shows the fastest way to the eatery or users can opt to have the dishes delivered to their homes. Payment is made via the app. Foodguide’s app has around 500,000 users presently.

Now the founders are keen to go global and will offer investors on VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den” show a 15 per cent share of their company in return for an investment of EUR 450,000 when it airs on Tuesday. Steiert spoke to Hamburg News in the run-up to the show.

Hamburg News: Malte, just a few months ago, we talked about your expansion plans. Now, you are heading for “The Lion’s Den”. How have you prepared for your TV appearance?

Malte Steinert: Well, first we looked at the investors and tried to come up with a TV pitch that would appeal to all of them. We kept an eye on the daily figures and then prepared for the TV recording.

Hamburg News: Who are your preferred investors?

Malte Steinert: Our entire team preferred Carsten Maschmeyer from the start. We have had a good look at his portfolio.

Hamburg News: How would you use an investment?

Malte Steinert: We would use the investment to hire personnel and to develop our technology and of course to expand in the U.S. which we are planning for 2018. The appearance on “The Lion’s Den” show is incredibly important to us not only in relation to the investment, but also the attention from other media that report about us. We hope to be seen more as a brand. “The Lion’s Den” will boost our team and keep us all motivated.
Thank you for the interview, Malte.

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