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Hamburg-based opens first branch

Leading German fintech opens branch in downtown Hamburg has opened it’s first branch in central Hamburg, a press release said Wednesday (April 11, 2018). The opening defies the reduction in bank subsidiaries across Germany, the number of which has been halved since the 1990s, according to a study by the German Central Bank. Founded in 2011 by Moritz Thiele and Andreas Kupke, allows customers to compare diverse loans using the latest scoring technology.

Personal customer contact and telephone banking

Thiele remarked: “We decided on personal contact with customers in addition to telephone banking after customers repeatedly came to our headquarters in Hamburg-Altona. We can envisage opening branches in other cities.“

Two to three bank clerks are on hand at the branch in Hamburg’s Bleichenbrücke. Jan Gießmann, a senior loan specialist at, is responsible for customer care and remarked: “Customers can combine independent advice about loans with personal counselling in the branch. A customer can either start comparing loans from home and then make an appointment in the branch or come straight to the bank and make comparisons on the internet-based terminal.”

Strongest-growing credit comparison portal counts among the big four in Hamburg’s fintech scene. The company allows customers to compare diverse loans using the latest scoring technology and is rated Germany’s leading credit comparison portal. Since 2015, the service has been available to business clients including brokers and banks. In June 2017, Finanzcheck entered a collaboration with the Berlin-based bonify start-up giving clients access to’s personalised instalment loan comparisons. Hailed as one of last year’s growth champions, employs 225 staff.

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