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Maximum Creativity on Limited Space

"Supermarket" exhibition at Hamburg's designexport. Talk by Peter Schmidt.

“One can assume that approximately 60 per cent of packages found in supermarket have been designed in Hamburg,” says Babette Peters, managing director of the Hamburg-based design center “designxport”. On October 1, the exhibition “supermarket” was inaugurated, featuring six renowned Hamburg-based design office – “Brand Union”: http: //, “Just Blue Design”: http: // , “mother”: http: //, “Ropelius”: http: //, “Syndicate”: http: // and “Verinion”: – with their designs for packaging milk, yogurt, margarine & co.

New Design and Branding Agency

On 28 October, the highlight of the show will take place, with the well-known product designer Peter Schmidt from Hamburg talking on the tasks and challenges of successful design. In the 1970s, Schmidt was one of the most important pioneers of the industry. His influence was rooted in the Peter Schmidt Studios, set up as one of the first design studios in Hamburg specialised in packaging design. In the course of his career, he worked for Wolfgang Joop and Jil Sander, Davidoff and Boss, designed the Apollinaris bottle and was responsible for the new logo of the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Only recently, Schmidt has been teaming up with Daniel Belliero and Marcel Zandée to launch the cross-industry design and branding agency peter schmidt, belliero & zandée.

Capital of Packaging Design

“Packaging designers require a very special kind of design expertise. Often, they need to convey the brand properties and the ingredients of a product on the size of a postage stamp”, says Babette Peters from designxport. Since the early 1970s, product and packaging design has become one of the design’s industry most powerful and potential sectors in Hamburg. It made Hamburg the capital of product and packaging design. Since the “opening in July 2014”: http: //, Hamburg’s designxport at Elbarkaden has been inviting both product designers and designers from other sectors of design to exhibit their work.

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