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Google trends reveal Germans' interests in Hamburg

Billions of search queries evaluated in search for trending themes in 2018

Google’s search engine has an undisputed market share of 94.5 per cent in Germany, according to the Hamburg-based Statista after the company presented German users’ search trends in 2018. The evaluation is based on billions of search queries entered into searchs mask during the year. At the request of Hamburg News, the company has compiled a Hamburg-based analysis outlining which persons or things were particularly frequently searched nationwide. Search trends and top climbers are terms for search queries that have risen particularly sharply over 2017. (search queries in german language)

Top climbers in Hamburg 2018

1. Ed Sheeran Hamburg

2. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

3. Mary Poppins Hamburg

4. Ufc Hamburg

5. Open-air pools Hamburg

6. Stabbing attack Hamburg

7. Diesel driving ban in Hamburg

8. Public viewing in Hamburg

9. Museum of Illusions in Hamburg

10. Demonstrations Hamburg

The Google trends also include entire questions about Hamburg mainly as a travel destination.

Top questions about Hamburg in 2018

1. What’s happening in Hamburg?

2. What’s the weather in Hamburg like?

3. What’s the population of Hamburg?

4. What must you have seen in Hamburg?

5. How many bridges does Hamburg have?

6. How old is Hamburg?

7. How far away is Hamburg?

8. Which roads in Hamburg are closed for diesel-run vehicles?

9. Where is a flea market being held in Hamburg today?

10. Where does Aida dock in Hamburg?

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