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Google opens future workshop in Hamburg

Many unprepared companies going without "digital dividend", according to the "Digital-Atlas Germany"

U.S. internet giant, Google, opened a future workshop in Hamburg Tuesday (March 20, 2018) to boost digital skills. The training centre and it’s partners offers free workshops ranging from data protection, data security, digital marketing for mid-sized companies right up to programmers’ courses for schools and teachers. During the opening ceremony, Google and the Cologne-based Institute of the German Economy (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft -IW) presented a study entitled “Digital-Atlas Deutschland“. Accordingly, SMEs are insufficiently digitised and going without a “digital dividend”.

Promoting key skills

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator of Culture and Media, said: “Knowledge of digitalisation is an important requirement for participation. Offers such as the future workshop can enhance existing facilities sensibly and support life-long learning.” Philipp Justus, Vice President of Google Central Europe, noted: “Digital education is the key to creating new jobs and to keeping our companies competitive. We will teach concrete, practical, crucial digital skills for professionals and non-professionals in the Google future workshop. Everyone is welcome to our workshop.”

Majority note backlog demand for digitalisation

A mere 20 per cent of SMEs and only 30 per cent of large companies are digitised, according to the “Digital-Atlas”. Systematic digitalisation may yield a digital dividend averaging 8 per cent more jobs and 11 per cent in sales, the study found. Nearly 60 per cent of companies interviewed have termed the lack of digital skills the greatest obstacle to digitalisation while one quarter have criticised the lack of broadband. The Cologne-based IW had examined the level of digitalisation among German educational institutions, organisations and companies.

Google and it’s partners offer training weeks in Hamburg, Munich and in other German states. Google hopes to reach some 2 million people across Germany by 2020 via the new workshop.

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