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Goodgame studios: qualified staff urgently wanted

More than 1,000 employees from 50 nations are working for the games specialist. Highly wanted are mobile client developers and online marketers.

Goodgame Studios, the specialist in free to play mobile and browser games, welcomed the thousandth employee into its ranks on 1 October 2014. Hamburg-based Goodgame Studios is the largest game software developer in Germany in terms of employees. It has grown from a start-up to a major enterprise in only five short years. At the end of 2013, the total number of employees at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg and at the subsidiaries in Tokyo and Seoul still barely exceeded 600. At the beginning of this month alone, 87 new employees started an exciting new job here. We currently have people from over 50 nations working at Goodgame Studios, and several hundred positions are still open for recruitment.

Looking for the best talent around the globe

Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, the COO and cofounder of Goodgame Studios, considers this ambitious growth an essential component of the company’s strategy: “We’re convinced that this targeted increase in staff is necessary for the lasting and sustainable growth of the company. Despite the large number of new employees, we have extremely rigorous standards when selecting staff and only hire around 1.5 per cent of all applicants. We also search for the best talent all around the globe in order to meet our high demand.”

Expertise and team spirit wanted

Goodgame Studios looks for this talent in all areas. At the moment, mobile client developers and online marketers are especially in demand. The HR department also attaches great importance to hiring experienced employees who can make a decisive impact on their departments with the knowledge they contribute. The recruiters however, don’t just look for technical expertise and potential for development. The candidates also have well fit into their teams. This is because a pleasant working atmosphere, characterized by respect and flat hierarchies, has been at the core of the game developer’s success.

All vacant positions are listed here at the game developer’s website.

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Great place for games: Hamburg

With more than 140 companies and 4,000 employees, the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is a major European location of the booming games industry. “Harbour of the games industry” is the heading under which the gamecity:Hamburg project has provided targeted support to the local games sector since 2003. This division of the new initiative nextMedia.Hamburg was established with the intention of developing Hamburg as an attractive location for the computer games industry. Operating as a s a public-private partnership, gamecity:Hamburg operates is headed by its co-founder Stefan Klein.

On Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is a leading company in game software and specializes in the free to play market. The company offers twelve games in 25 languages and has over 220 million registered users. Goodgame Studios was founded in Hamburg in 2009 and is owner-operated. More than 1000 employees work for the company across the world. Along with the headquarters in Hamburg, there are also subsidiaries in Tokyo and Seoul. Goodgame Studios only markets and publishes games which it develops in-house. You can find them on its portal as well as through an extensive global partner network. The development of the company has been recognized by multiple awards, among them “Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” from Ernst & Young as well as “Best European Studio” at the European Games Awards 2014. The company’s games also receive industry prizes on a regular basis.
(source: Goodgame Studios)

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