Good prospects for Hamburg's marketing sector

Marketing barometer 2016/2017 reflects trends and developments in Hamburg's companies - positive outlook

Prospects for Hamburg’s marketing sector are similar to those of 2016 with the majority rating business as good, according to the Chamber of Commerce’s “Marketing Barometer 2016/2017”. Three-quarters of decision-makers in marketing say business is good while only 5 per cent said it was bad leading to +69 on balance. The marketing branch has rated business far more positively than commerce in Hamburg leading to an overall +22.7 on balance. The optimistic mood in the sector is based on the good order situation and steady budgets.

Growing market for online, social media and mobile

A good third of those in the marketing sector expect favourable developments while only 7 per cent expect things to deteriorate. Over one-fifth of companies wish to hire more employees and only every tenth firm expects to cut personnel over the next 12 months. Marketing budgets are expected to remain unchanged with only 23 per cent expecting higher budgets. Some 15 per cent expect reduced budgets – lowering the balance from +11 in 2015 to +8. Decision-makers expect higher budgets for online, social media and mobiles and lower budgets for outdoor advertising, print media, TV and radio.

Sustainability gaining importance

Sustainability is also gaining importance among companies. Many of the firms surveyed prioritise delivery chains that meet social and ecological standards with some 68 per cent of those interviewed saying they tried to fulfil “fair” standards.

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