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Global use of virtual reality

Part 3 of virtual reality series. The nextMedia.Hamburg initiative is reporting on these and other cases

Virtual reality is trending as the first two parts of Hamburg News’ series has shown. Yet, some media producers are still coming to terms with the technology. Apart from SpiceVR and their Spherie drone, ideas for implementing the technology range from battling prejudices to re-enacting memorable moments. The nextMedia.Hamburg initiative will be reporting on these and other cases surrounding content and technology every month in co-operation with Hamburg Media School’s Innolab.

Virtual reality to fight prejudice and resentment

American football is hugely popular in the U.S. and the sport is attracting fans in Germany as well. Some 2 million viewers worldwide watched this year’s Super Bowl. But despite all the good news, the sport struggles with prejudice and racism among fans and sometimes within the teams. This is exactly where virtual reality technology and research by the Virtual Human Interaction Labs comes in as it tries to promote mutual understanding and tolerance. Using virtual reality, a white player, for instance, can enter a stadium as an Afroamerican player and see things from his perspective.

500 x The Simpsons: virtual reality special for fans

Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie Simpson from Springfield have become cult figures since they first went on air in 1989. Loyal fans of the series are now in for a treat: 500 episodes at one sweep and using virtual reality technology. Although a two-dimensional version already exists, Australian photographer John Hatfield’s VR headset-ready version means users can immerse themselves in the world of the Simpsons. Hatfield based it on a 2D Omni Verse video from 2014.

Teleport lets you relive moments in virtual reality

The Teleport VR Kit lets you capture and relive the best moments of your life using virtual reality technology. The Teleport VR Camera is a simple way of shooting high-definition VR in 3D videos on the go. The camera has two lenses, which are easily plugged into a mobile phone allowing the holder to start shooting instantly. The videos can be watched using the Teleport VR headset or with the Google Cardboard. The Teleport VR headsets let you adjust the focus and eye distance.

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