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A Glimpse into the Future

To recognise trends and their potential for innovation are key task of the staff working for Trendone. A global trend scout network supports their work

What is a trend, and where it could evolve? Does the trend have the potential to revolutionize an entire industry? These are the questions addressed by the 30 employees of Trendone at its Hamburg headquarters. Founded by its CEO Nils Müller in 2002, Trendone’s team today comprises innovation consultants and analysts, product and brand managers, graphic designers, talent managers, and researchers.

Fit for the Online Market

According to Trendone, micro, macro and mega-trends can be distinguished. Micro-trends are new products, technologies, services, or business models that have the potential to change an industry. On of these micro-trends detected by Trendone is the Hamburg start-up Pocket Story. It offers to purchase individual print products of prestigious newspapers online for little money. Looking at the industry as a whole, the concept could strengthen sustainable print products in the online market.

Trend Book published

In addition to micro-trends, Trendone’s team also explores mega- and macro-trends. These are bigger changes that can change the lives and the work force in the coming years. Megatrends include, for example, issues of sustainability, such as alternative farming methods, ethical consumption, or recycling. An example of macro-trends, the “smaller flows among major trends”, are Data Deals, with start-ups launching marketplaces where the disclosure of personal information will be remunerated with monetary or material gain. Trendone discloses new mega and macro trends every three years in its Trend Book. The current Trend Book 2018 was published in September.

1,500 Trend Suggestions

Trendone employs 80 trend scouts worldwide. These are freelancers, researcher, student or staff that look for new trends around the globe as self-employed. Once a trend scout detects a possible innovation, he sends his proposal to Trendone. 1,500 trend proposals reach the company each month. The analysts identify relevant proposals and interpret the themes as first signs of large currents.

30,000 Case Studies

“In 2016, we will complement our trend with consultancy to companies in regard to creating and launching innovations”, says Peter von Aspern, Head of Trend Servicesat Trendone. Together with the Hype Software AG, the Hamburg team is thus currently developing an innovation management software which combines operational idea management and trend scouting. In addition, the expansion of the company’s innovation platform is planned. With more than 30,000 case studies, the platform is one of the largest innovation databases of the German-speaking countries.

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