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Next Media Accelerator brings GAN Momentum Tour to Hamburg

Global Accelerator Network (GAN) series held in city - prominent founders share insights

The Global Accelerator Network (GAN) tour stopped over in Hamburg from October 9 to 10, 2019 and was hosted by Next Media Accelerator in the Virtual Reality Headquarters in Speicherstadt. The tour is akin to a support programme for start-ups and entrepreneuers and is due to stop off in Pittsburgh (USA), Lima (Peru) and Manama (Bahrain) later. Delegates in Hamburg attended top-class keynotes and panels after a get-together in the WeWork co-working space in the Europa Passage.

Talks by Philipp Westermeyer and Tarek Müller

During a founder’s panel discussion, Philipp Westermeyer talked about the Online Marketing Rockstars while Tarek Müller, who was recently named CMO of the Year 2019 and founded the About You online fashion company, and Hanna Marie Asmussen of the Localyze relocating start-up gave insights into setting up companies and their biggest mistakes. At the tender age of 18 years, Müller learnt a key lesson after investing in a would-be factory in the Far East, which never came to fruition and the money went down the drain. The experience marked the onset of a tough era for the young founder. Müller urged start-ups to keep a close eye on their funds rather than spending money received from investors too freely.

Hamburg as an innovative location

A pitch session featuring six selected European start-ups was among the highlights. An app by Yamuntu generates discounts via Instagram stories while Lama offers an interview-as-a-service solution for journalistic content. The Tuki service matches job applicants with vacancies in the restaurant and hotel sector while Rnters has come up with a solution for renting unused personal goods e.g. surfboards, cameras and other gadgets. Sentisquare is an artificial intelligence-based programme for analysing large amounts of text swiftly. The Siteinander has come up with a babysitting app allowing parents to alternate childcare with friends. Meanwhile, the CFgO has come up with a digital accounting solution for SMEs, start-ups and self-employed people.

Although Tuki proved triumphant in Hamburg, the start-up that secures a deal with GAN Ventures will be announced after the final tour stop in Bahrain. The GAN event in Hamburg culminated in a reception in City Hall. “It was a great pleasure for us to bring the GAN Momentum Tour to Hamburg and thus boost the city as an innovative location,” said Nico Lumma, Managing Partner of Next Media Accelerators.

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