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Games Industry offers good Prospects to Career Changers

At the Gamecity meeting, experts from Hamburg games studios discussed thhe chances for career changers and graduates. The result: experience is not all

“Job Guarantee in the Games Industry? – Opportunities for Graduates and Career Changers in Hamburg” was title of a gamecity:Hamburg meeting recently held in Hamburg. At the evening, experts from Hamburg’s games studios discussed the question with some 150 guests.

Experience is not the Central Criterion

At the “13 Stock” bar, Wolfgang Lang talked about his past as ambulance driver. The managing director of THREAKS is not the only newcomer in the industry. Also Michael Zillmer, Chief Operating Officer at InnoGames, was initially trained as an IT specialist before starting his own business. In regard to necessary qualifications of new employees, he says: “Experience is not the main criterion for us. Much more important is that the applicants have fun at games and love get involved with games, for instance at a game jam.”

Opportunities for Graduates

Also young university graduates can hope for good job opportunities. However, Ralf Hebecker, professor of game design and production at HAW Hamburg, noticed a general change of heart within young students of games. “Students now also want to try their hand at smaller projects and no longer have pursue the goal of producing big titles.”

A New Welcoming Culture

Stefan Klein, head of gamecity: Hamburg, drew a positive conclusion after the meeting. He is convinced that newcomers have a good chance to gain a foothold in the games industry. The majority of the comparable young industry came along different paths to the respective jobs. Employers would do well to continue to draw on this wealth of experience and resources to provide Hamburg with a new welcoming culture.

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On gamecity:hamburg

With more than 2,000 members, gamecity:Hamburg is the largest German network of the booming sector in the creative industries. “Harbour of the games industry” is the heading under which the gamecity:Hamburg project has provided targeted support to the local games sector since 2003. This division of the initiative nextMedia.Hamburg was established with the intention of developing Hamburg into an attractive location for the computer games industry. The plan is working: Since the inception of gamecity:Hamburg, the number of jobs in the games-related value creation chain has increased from 800 to about 4,000. gamecity:Hamburg operates as a public-private partnership and is headed by its co-founder Stefan Klein.
(source: gamecity:Hamburg)

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