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Hamburg funds projects in free classical music scene

The Hamburg Ministry of Culture supports 14 free Hamburg ensemble and concert projects as well as small classical music festivals

A bid to promote smaller events in early, classical and contemporary music is set to enhance Hamburg’s multi-faceted music offer even further. The jury made its choice from a total of 26 projects submitted.

Prof. Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister of Culture, said: “The diverse activities in different musical genres are the soundboard of our lives. By funding the free music scene, we can support some very ambitious projects and further profile Hamburg as a city of diversity also in music.”

14 projects accepted for funding

In 2016, the following projects will be supported:

• Jan Feddersen: Klub Katarakt Festival #12, 6,000 euro
• Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg: Festival Blurred Edges 2016, 6,000 euro
• Hamburger Camerata: two concerts, 5,000 euro
• Barockwerk Hamburg: two performances, 5,000 euro
• Arabesques-Hamburg e.V.: festival concerts, 5,000 euro
• Jennifer Hymer: Non-Piano/Toy Piano weekend, 4,500 euro
• Gunnar Lettow: Frequenzgänge concert series, 3,000 euro
• TonArt Hamburg e.V.: TonArt projects 2016, 3,000 euro
• gGmbH: Hamburg Guitar Days 2016, 3,000 euro
• Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie: Konzert Symphonic Jazz #2, 2,500 euro
• Trobar e Cantar: concerts of the medieval music ensemble, 2,000 euro
• Hamburger Ratsmusik e.V.: series of concerts at Hamburg’s composers’ quarters, 2,000 euro
• Hörbar e.V.: Ausklangfestival 2016, 1,500 euro
• Frauke Aulbert: two concerts, 1,500 euro

Members of the jury included Dr. Alenka Barber-Kersovan, music researcher, Burkhard Glashoff, managing director of the concert agency Dr. Rudolf Goette, Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu, Hamburg University of Music and Drama, and Angela Piront, artistic director NDR Das Alte Werk and NDR Podium of Youth.

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