Hamburgs Bürgermeister Olaf Scholz und Silpion-Geschäftsführer Patrick Postel © Silpion IT Solutions GmbH

Founder's Wharf - Hamburg's new hothouse for innovative high-tech

Incubator model with permanent employment guarantee for start-ups in case of failure. Application phase started.

To actively participate in the digital awakening, the Software Alliance Hamburg (SAH) launched a so-called “founder wharf” as new incubator model for the Hanseatic city. SAH co-founder and CEO of Silpion, Patrick Postel, recently presented the new funding scheme at the headquarters of the IT company Silpion GmbH in the presence of Hamburg’s first mayor Olaf Scholz. The reception also presenting the official start of the application period for new or young entrepreneurs. In January 2015, the founder shipyard will start its activities at Brandshof in the neighbourhood of Rothenburgsort.

Safe start

The start-up concept pursued by the founder’s wharf is breaking new grounds for start-ups, offering them not only workspace and infrastructure, but also a full employment guarantee in case of failure. Thus, the biggest obstacle for starting a business will bel eliminated. So just let those inspire for reasons, which are open to all career paths in large companies. Patrick Postel. “In my experience, Internet start-ups do not fail due to the inability of the founders. Also, there is no shortage of well-trained people or brilliant ideas. But sometimes, they are just missing out on a bit of luck or the moment to form a successful company. Due to existential risks, many near-founder cringe and don’t dare being enterpreneurial. We want to change his”, says Postel.

Strengthening of the IT and business location Hamburg

According to Postel, the founder’s wharf will thus act mainly as catalysts, technology provider, and start-up mentor for all IT related new businesses. Its target: to sustainably bundle the IT expertise needed for the technical implementation of start-ups’ business ideas, and hence strengthening the IT and business location Hamburg. A model that soon could make Germany’s school, says the initiative, and emphasises the fact that greater planning security will also benefit the investors.

Support by mentors and network

The full employment warranty is not the only peculiarity of the founders’ wharf. The young entrepreneurs will also receive full IT support from the very first day. Depending on the topic and technology focus, the SAH will help to find suitable sponsors, while simultaneously co-financing start-ups with rent, infrastructure, coaching, technology transfer. and the provision of a comprehensive network of entrepreneurs and prospective customers.

Foundation for future founders’ campus

Also, the founders’ wharf will just be the beginning of a large-scale support scheme for start-ups, which also includes the formation of a dedicated campus for new enterpreneurs. Targeting a creating synergies in the field of the digital economy and IT, its construction at Brandshof is scheduled for early 2015. Various companies from the digital economy and technology, marketing, and business development have already announced to consider relocating to the new premises.

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On Software Allianz Hamburg (SAH)

SAH is an association of leading medium-sized IT companies from Hamburg. It was founded in November 2010 as a joint venture of the three technology service providers Silpion, AKRA and Project Partners from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Through the co-operation of 22 IT companies, a strong provider for major projects in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region has been formed.

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