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Hamburg-based founders of innovative towels to appear on "The Lion's Den"

Invitation to appear on "The Lion's Den" followed successful crowdfunding campaign. Trio did not need to be asked twice!

You are dripping with perspiration, your hands are literally melting and you are in desperate need of towel. But where is it and why has it fallen off the rail for the umpteenth time? If you find this situation tiring, the time may have come to invest in a “Towell+” – with a double l. This ambitious new product aims to outdo traditional rivals on the market. Developed by the Hamburg-based start-up Stryve, this product comes with a double-layer of material, zippable bag sown in, clear front and reverse and with an adhesive magnet to make life easier for athletes. The founders of Stryve, Lennart Rieper, Florian Goecke and Paul Dudda will venture into VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den” (DHDL) Tuesday (September 6) in the hope of attracting an investor.

Hamburg News: Paul, why did you decide to take part in DHDL?

Paul: To be honest, this was not our idea. The production company behind DHDL, Sony Pictures Entertainment, took notice of Towell+ after a successful crowd funding campaign. Naturally, we found the proposal to present our product on a big stage and to well-known investors exciting and decided to take part.

Hamburg News: How have you prepared for your appearance?

Paul: That was hard work! We wanted to do everything perfectly and so we researched all the “lions” including their interests and expertise, even their daily routines – right down to every detail. In reference to the judges who had appeared in the earlier seasons of the show, we analysed precisely all the questions and their reactions to the individual pitches. Just before the show, we had a stand at the FIBO (a global fitness trade fair) in Cologne. We pitched like crazy from morning to night there, and are going to DSDL with this tailwind behind us.

Hamburg News: What will you do if you win or lose?

Paul: We would, of course, be thrilled to negotiate a good deal. We are all fairly young and want to take someone aboard who can helps us to take flight. If it doesn’t’ t come to that, we will just continue as before. Meanwhile, we have found that our product is quite appealing. We have had several successful campaigns on the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. The product is selling well in our online shop and there is quite a big demand in retail as well.

Hamburg News: Who are the people behind Towell+?

Paul: We are Lennart, Florian and Paul (me). Lennart und Florian studied product design in Schwäbisch Gmünd and I’m the business administrator among us. Those two were a super team during their studies and have already won many prizes. I had my eye on them for a long time. I was right there when they decided to launch Towell+ last year. All three of us are northern-born “lights” and thus the design-city of Hamburg was unquestionably our choice as company base. Meanwhile, our team has grown to six and at the moment we are in urgent need of reinforcements.

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