Roundabout at Twitter Office with Moritz Klämt © Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft / Patrick Solar

Flying visit to Twitter Deutschland

Operations managed from Hamburg office. Tweeting tabletop football amazes visitors

Students and young professionals can get to know companies in the creative sector during the flying visits series organized by Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. Their most recent trip was to Twitter’s Hamburg branch. And Hamburg News followed the events live to get a look behind the scenes at the listed, micro blogging platform. Büşra Todil, Twitter Account Manager, and Moritz Klämt, Sales Executive, were on hand to answer questions.

Direct link to agencies

Twitter Deutschland’s branch in Berlin helps users produce content for the platform while the sales centre is headquartered in Hamburg. There, Thomas de Buhr, Deutschland chief, Todil, Klämt as well as 15 sales strategists work on marketing Twitter. The aim in this relatively young location, where de Buhr began setting up the department in August 2014, is to develop a network with companies and agencies. Klämt said: “Hamburg is exactly the right place. Several agencies and brands with whom we are in contact, are located here.”


The students were briefed on Volvo’s “Interception Campaign” as a prime example of the advertising possibilities offered by Twitter. To this end, the US agency Grey and Twitter co-operated on the occasion of the Super Bowl 2015, the US National Football League championship game. The Swedish carmaker, Volvo, had not bought TV advertising space during the match, but still wanted to generate interest in its brand and the #volvocontest proved the right tool. Before the championship, the carmaker encouraged Super Bowl fans to tweet #volvocontest and name friends as winners of a new Volvo model, while other car brands were being advertised in commercial breaks. This resulted in 2,000 tweets per minute and plenty of attention for Volvo.

Relaxed atmosphere

Back in Hamburg, the tour of Twitter’s office soon revealed that this is no ordinary work space. There is a touch-pad operated coffee machine in the kitchen and coffee lovers just have to tweet their Latte Macchiato order. The same goes for kickers in the brainstorming room at Twitter. Players just have to enter their Twitter accounts to start and the latest score is tweeted, as soon as a player scores a goal. These are just some of the little games that sent the student visitors into raptures. But they were even more amazed by the easygoing atmosphere in the office. Staff appear relaxed and wear jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. No sign of bustle anywhere.

Bullshit room and other ideas

Staff can lounge around on comfy armchairs in the brainstorming room to contemplate their next moves or pencil their thoughts on the washable wallpaper. Whoever wants to switch off entirely, can use the games console. By the way, the brainstorming room and all other separate parts of the office, are named after a bird. And the brainstorming room is aptly referred to as “bullshit room”, said Todil and Klämt.

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