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Five tips for successful crowd-funding campaigns

Registration phase for Nordstarter Crowdfunding Contest - expert reveals what counts

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and Szene Hamburg magazine announced Tuesday the Nordstarter Crowdfunding Contest. Contestants have until June 19, 2017 to submit a project. The organisers are launching a crowd-funding campaign between June 29 and August 7, 2017 on the Nordstarter website in a bid to gain as many paying supporters as possible. Applicants can enter short films, design productions, apps, audio plays about developing prototypes, studio recordings, art magazines, exhibitions, fashion labels and festivals. The winners stand to win EUR 3,000 in prize money as well as editorial backing from Szene Hamburg.

Isabel Jansen, who works in the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft’s “newcomer programmes” and “crowd-funding” sector, has drawn up five tips for a successful crowd-funding campaign:

Tip 1: Preparation is essential

Many people launching a crowd-funding project underestimate the importance of timely preparation. Apart from an appealing and attractive presentation on the crowd-funding platform, a campaign plan should also be drafted. It should include the schedule and outline where and how to reach a target group. What content should be prepared for use during the campaign?

Tip 2: Authentic pitch videos

A pitch video is the centrepiece of a crowd funding campaign and should outline the project to the crowd. That works best when the person or team launching the project addresses the crowd directly. Authenticity is important and the video should be two to three minutes in length at the most.

Tip 3: Offering attractive returns

Crowd-funding at Nordstarter is based on the principle of give and take. Those who offer financial backing to a project can choose a previously agreed return as a “thank-you”. Most of the stipulated funding target is achieved by selling this “thank-you”. If a musician, for instance, launches a crowd-funding campaign to produce a new album, he/she can offer the completed album in return.

Tip 4: Networking

Crowd-funding works best when financial supporters are found in personal networks. Establishing a network and advertising are crucial. Those launching the crowd-funding campaign can alert friends, colleagues, family and friends and request funding as well as their support.

Tip 5: Budget realistically

An “all or nothing principle” applies on every crowd-funding platform. Such a funding project is generally considered successful when the required budget has been reached by the deadline and financed the supporters. If that is not the case, money is returned to the supporters. Thus, think about the minimum budget beforehand. Then, planning and financing the project becomes more realistic. Those who require more input for their campaign can attend two interesting workshops hosted by Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft on:

“Storytelling for personal crowd-funding projects” on May 9
(Special price for contestants: EUR 10)

“Producing crowd-funding pitch videos with simple means” on May 19
(Special price for contestants: EUR 15)

Guest contribution by Isabel Jansen

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About Nordstarter

Nordstarter is the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft’s regional crowd-funding page for creative projects in Hamburg. Nordstarter is operated in co-operation with Startnext – a crowd-funding programme known across Germany. The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft offers the free, monthly Nordstarter Crowdfunding Club. Those interested can find information and and learn how to prepare a campaign. More information on and

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