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Five finalists in Startups@Reeperbahn pitch

Unknown start-ups Sponsoo and SpiceVR reach final round

Hamburg Startups announced Wednesday (August 31st) the finalists of this year’s Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch. The winner receives a media budget worth EUR 100,000 and contacts to potential investors. The vastly differing finalists of the competition, now in its fourth year, range from providers of web page accelerating software, an app to keep an eye on horses, a drone, a sports sponsoring platform as well as an app for digital guitar instructions. And they will all be hoping to strike lucky when they pitch on September 21 during the Reeperbahn Festival. Hamburg News presents the five finalists below:

Baqend says goodbye to long loading times

Slow-loading internet pages can have a negative impact on a company’s profit margin, according to studies by Google and Amazon. Baqend based in Hamburg aims to make the problem a thing of the past with a cloud solution that makes the upload of web sites and apps two-and-a half times faster. Founders Felix Gessert, Florian Bücklers, Hannes Kuhlmann and Malte Mauenroth are the people behind Baqend. The foursome spent five years doing research at the University of Hamburg before they officially founded their company in 2014. Games’ developers, start-ups, agencies, ecommerce providers and software companies are among their target group.

Horse Analytics aiming for 24-hour care

Horse lovers can soon avail of an app called Horse Analytics that lets users keep an eye on their animals 24/7. The app can analyse how active a horse is out on the pasture or whether the animal is uneasy about a new horse in the stable. Enri C. Strobel, a talented rider and polo player, used her expertise to found Horse Analytics. Albeit still in the very early stages as the start-up is seeking a tester for the beta phase, the jury saw great potential in the idea and a huge market for the app, Hamburg Startups reported.

Spice VR offering new perspectives

Not surprisingly, the Hamburg-based start-up Spice VR is also one of this year’s finalists. Earlier in 2016, Nicolas Chibac, VR expert and founder of SpiceVR, and drone engineer Jonathan Hesselbarth pitched at the international South by Southwest creative fair in Austin, Texas. Later in Hamburg, SpiceVR’s “Spherie” drone triumphed at this year’s Webfuture Award. The drone called Spherie combines modern, virtual reality and drone technology and can deliver 3D data and 360-degree film footage making it one of the favourites at Startup@Reeperbahn Pitch.

Sponsoo brings athletes and sponsors together

Another Hamburg-based start-up called Sponsoo is also on the road to success. Founded in 2014, by Andreas Kitzing and Béla J. Anda, the company recently obtained EUR 300,000 in the latest financing round to expand its sports sponsoring platform. The cash injection will allow Sponsoo to hire more staff for sales, marketing and programming in Hamburg. On offer are perimeter ads, jersey sponsoring and placing ads in the club’s magazine. Sponsoo uses sample contracts to help sponsors, suggests where to place the logo, orders jerseys and launches sponsoring campaigns. If a deal is signed, Sponsoo earns a percentage of the sponsoring sum.

Berlin-based Uberchord’s guitar app

The Berlin-based Uberchord start-up is also one of the finalists in Hamburg. Their app lets beginners practice guitar chords and gives them real-time feedback and personal progress statistics. Uberchord listens to a person play the guitar and seamlessly adapts to their skill level. Founded by Eckart Burgwedel, Simon Barkow Oesterreicher, Martin Polak and Ilona Maslioukovskagia, the digital guitar app has been available in app stores since April 2015.

The five finalists have been chosen by 26 experts on start-ups including investors, journalists and others in the scene. Sanja Stankovic and Sina Gritzuhn, founders of the private initiative Hamburg Startups, had earlier selected 27 promising candidates from 120 entries.

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The Hamburg Startups team, founded by Sina Gritzuhn and Sanja Stankovic, is committed to effective networking and visibility in the city’s start-up scene. Apart from events like the Startups@Reeperbahn pitch and the Startups Mixer, they have set up a joint platform called the Hamburg Startup Monitor offering an overview of all 400 start-ups in Hamburg. The team aims to raise international awareness of the city of Hamburg as a metropolis for founders by monitoring the start-up scene regularly. More information can be found on: and

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