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First English-language magazine about Hamburg launches on market

Hamburg Marketing GmbH and Die Brueder launch "gentle rain" - first edition of 40,000 copies

The first English-language city magazine about Hamburg called “gentle rain – and other reasons to love Hamburg“ launched on the market in late July with a first edition of 40,000 copies. Designed, edited and published by Die Bruder with Hamburg Marketing GmbH organising print and sales, this magazine offers guests and potential, foreign newcomers a fresh perspective on Hamburg.

Fighting clichés

Thorsten Kausch, Managing Director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, said: “gentle rain highlights the enormous creative potential of big cities and captures the friction and contradictions of co-existence in our city’s urban space”, adding, “This new print product caters to people who wish to discover Hamburg for the first time or again and are looking for an unusual perspective on the city.”

Commenting on the title “gentle rain”, Malte Brenneisen, a partner in Die Brueder, said: “Our magazine is aiming for authenticity and wants to counteract clichés like drizzle in Hamburg. The reader should be offered more than timeworn aphorisms about Hamburg.”

Drone start-ups and sailors’ pubs

The so-called bookazine has 96 pages and presents ways of life and young people’s work models. These can range from a drone start-up in the creative district of Oberhafen to Evi, the barkeeper of the “Seeteufel” pub in Ottsensen. The authors focus on pulsating issues in Hamburg with possible international links. A case in point featuring in the first edition is the Hildegarden project in St. Pauli that aims to turn a world war bunker into an urban space. In this context, the authors discuss sustainability, urban climate, public participation in building projects and shaping public spaces.

Targets markets in Britain, Scandinavia and USA

The expected two issues per year will target markets in Scandinavia, Britain and the USA and raise international awareness of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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