Clas Beese, Robert Beddies und Carolin Neumann gründeten die Fintech Week 2016 © Kathrine Uldbæk Nielsen

Fintech Week 2018 gets its own expert conference

Block chain, machine learning, tech giants to focus on future of finance at Fintech conference

From October 15-20, Hamburg will once again be demonstrating why it has a reputation as one of Germany’s leading fintech locations. The city has not only given birth to some of the most successful start-ups such as Kreditech, and Exporo, but is also the venue for Fintech Week. This festival for the financial sector is the largest event of its kind, where the established financial world comes face to face with new companies in financial technology aiming to revolutionize banking by means of digital solutions.

Initial items on the agenda such as digitalizing processes in Banking 4.0 and financial service providers of the next generation are already being planned. This third edition of the festival has also come up with a new idea namely the one-day FinForward conference of experts, which will focus on the future of financep.

Target group – fintech start-ups and innovation managers

From the potential of self-learning algorithms via the principle of regionalism up to the dangers posed by the tech giants Google, Amazon and the like – FinForward will devote itself to the most important fintech issues of the future in a way that spans the entire sector. It will provide a platform for established players, start-ups and cross-industry speakers. The conference will be held in the betahaus co-working space on October 18 and will be aimed at fintech start-ups and innovation managers from banks, business consultancies and insurance companies.

Machine learning, blockchain and tech giants

FinForward will cover eight main themes including machine learning, credit scoring, digital sales, blockchain, payment, regional becomes digital, data and tech giants. Each block will last 90 minutes and is made up of introductory keynote remarks and three lightning talks, which will illuminate each of the themes from different perspectives. The Fintech Week team is organizing FinForward, while external programme managers are providing additional content. The Fintech Festival is being co-ordinated by Hamburg’s finletter, an independent fintech newsletter, and the betahaus Hamburg co-working space.

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