Fintech-Hub Finhaven in der Hamburger HafenCity © Fabian Friedrich

Finhaven to officially open in HafenCity

New co-working hub for Hamburg's fintechs highlights networking and events

The fintech scene in Hamburg gained a new milestone Thursday (January 10, 2019) with the opening of Finhaven, a new co-working space and fintech hub on two floors between Elbe and Lohsepark in HafenCity. Up to 100 workstations are available on around 1,000 square metres. This comes after Hamburg-based fintechs raised a record EUR 230 million in venture capital in 2017 and 2018.

Community, networking and fintech events in HafenCity

Lars Brücher, co-founder and manager of betahaus, the Hamburg-based software company mind matters, Robert Beddies, co-founder of the FintechWeek and Clas Beese, Manager of the FintechWeek, came up with the idea for finhaven. Similar to betahaus, the new co-working space wants to focus on a strong community, networking and meet-ups. A large event space will be the venue for numerous fintech events, such as Fintech Week 2019, the largest German industry event. Users can avail of an open space, team offices and a so-called Open Desk from EUR 99.

Bringing start-ups and established companies together

Carolin Neuman, CEO of Finletter, is one of the first co-workers in Finhaven: “We have been actively accompanying the scene for over three years with the Finletter newsletter, founded in 2015. We notice that the topic has developed into one of the most important fields of innovation in Germany and Hamburg. A low-threshold place to bring together start-ups and established players can become a great catalyst for these innovations.” Other leasers in Finhaven include Comdirect Startup Garage and Fabian Friedrich, initiator of the Blockchance Conference in Hamburg. Friedrich plans to open a so-called Blockchance Campus for start-ups with such a focus in mid 2019.

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