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Festival PLAY14 to bring digital gaming pleasures to Hamburg

See, Do, Talk and Party are the four components reflected by 200 events in Hamburg's city centre.

From 16-20 September 2014, the PLAY 14 festival and conference will illustrate the influence of digital games on education, arts, and science. PLAY14 is divided into four components: See, Do, Talk and Party. These four components will be presented in more than 200 events such as interactive exhibitions, workshops, presentations, talks, and cultural events all focusing on video games in Hamburg.

workshops and exhibitions

This year’s focus is “Music and Sound in Digital Games”. “The show is open to everyone. Right in the heart of Hamburg, we will open up spaces and invite all to participate, to reflect, and to join in”, explains Jakob Kopcinsky, artistic director of the festival. “From theatre lover to music enthusiast, from scientist to painters, all will enjoy our offers and events.”

Computer games in education

For the first time, the PLAY conference will be complementing the festival, and allow to discuss educational, social and political topics related to gaming. On all festival days, numerous events conceived especially for school classes will be offered. Visitors aged twelve and older will be able to participate in workshops on games design, programming and choreography, create machinima, reproduce objects from games, and pick up the production of Let’s Play videos. “In additions, workshops for students and trainings for teachers will reveal how how useful computer games are in the classroom”, the organisers say.

Testing new ways

“Computer games offer fascinating possibilities for illustration and simulation, and thus to test the expertise of students in a new way”, underlines Andreas Hedrich, festival director and media educator. In the afternoons, Uke Bosse will host talk shows starring the Krachboxenorchester. An extensive evening programme will complement the festival programme.

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PLAY14 is an event hosted by jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis Hamburg e.V. in
co-operation with, the platform of the Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb fon computer games, the registered association JIZ – Youth Information Centre Hamburg of the Hamburg Ministry of Education, and is co-ordinated by the Initiative Creative Gaming.

Since 2007, the initiative Creative Gaming e.V. has been hosting trainings, workshops and an annual nationwide festival that highlights the educational and artistic aspects of the creative use of computer games. The initiative promotes an alternative and artistic use of computer games, and opens concrete options for a creative and critical use of the computer to pupils, parents and teachers. At the same time, the events of the initiative offer fascinating insights into the world of the games industry.
(source: www.play14)

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