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Digitalisation providing link to analogue world

Hamburg-based start-up Nexus-BI aims to improve quality of life for the elderly

What if technology helped people to be mobile, gave them an opportunity to meet others and to take part in social life?. Enter the GesundAktiv (NWGA) network. Backed by the Hamburg-based Nexus-BI start-up, NWGA is now helping senior citizens to live independent, self-determined lives in their own homes and for as long as possible.

Comprehensive support

The office in the Albertinen-Haus in Eimbüttel is central to the care. NWGA participants receive a comprehensive, initial examination and a support plan that is tailored to their individual needs. Another part of the NWGA is the Personal Assistant for Assisted Living (PAUL). PAUL is a support and communication platform with a variety of multimedia and communication functions that can be operated from a touch display.

“Human factor” crucial to digitalisation

Nexus-BI is responsible for the installing the tablets in up to 1,000 Hamburg apartments. The company also organises training courses for the participants in the Albertinen-Haus and shows them how to use the equipment in their homes. Naturally, initial fears had to be overcome first.

Supply and mobility concepts in future

Driven by the need to rethink digital care and senior citizens’ mobility, Nexus-BI wants to initiate an exchange with innovative partners and to offer interfaces for new concepts. Together with the Hamburg Logistics Initiative, Nexus-BI and other NWGA partners are working on a new mobility concept for the elderly that can be integrated into NWGA’s digital care network. More workshops and innovative projects are being planned until January 2021.

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About Nexus-BI

Nexus BI GmbH & Co. KG was founded in August 2017 and is based in Hamburg. Nexus-BI positions itself on the market as an IT integrator and acts as the only interface for the customer. Its services range from consulting and software development to digital and analogue services. In addition to design, app and web development, Nexus BI is familiar with CRM and ERP systems and offers configuration and individual development.

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