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Digital Networking of Hamburg's Economy

Hamburg companies see industry 4.0 as an important trend. The location offers favorable structural conditions

91 per cent, and thus the majority of Hamburg’s companies, witness the impact of digitisation on their production processes, work flows, and business relation. Only six per cent are not touched by this development. This fact was revealed by a new survey on the potentials of industry 4.0, published by the -Hamburg Institute of International Economics by order of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce the study, companies were asked about their general assessment of the importance of industry 4.0. Unisono stated were the needs for information, investment and innovation activities.

Hybrid Business Models

According to the study, Hamburg boasts favorable structural conditions to advance the progress of digitisation. The specialisation in knowledge-intensive industries and services, the high level of qualification, and the favorable demographic development in Hamburg are significant positive factors in this aspect. The pronounced intertwining of manufacturing and service industries will favour the digital networking of Hamburg-based companies. This allows to further develop industry-related services and hybrid business models, in which product and service work hand in hand.

Along the Value Chain

“Industry 4.0” means the intelligent networking of production processes by systems that connect machines with the digital sphere in order to have them interact autonomously. Equipment will be enabled for self-analysis, self-configuration, and thus for self-optimisation across the entire value chain. Industry 4.0 is based on various technologies such as the Internet of Things, digital intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing. Their use in the production and along the entire value chain offers opportunities for new products, services, and business models.

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