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Virtual Reality: Pure Fun or Real Chance

In the sixth issue of Unified, the potential of virtual reality is the key topic, with experts from various sectors discussing chances and challenges

“Virtual Reality (VR) includes all simulations of reality. In general, these simulations are computer-based”, explains Moritz Avenarius, the founder of the Hamburg innovation consulting agency “Future Pilot” in an interview with Unified, the digital magazine of the initiative nextMedia.Hamburg. Today, VR goggles allow an unprecedented form of immersion created by virtual reality. Although virtual reality has been around since the 1990’s, ti’s only now that the technology is about to conquer the mass market.

Sales Forecasts

According to the statistics portal statista, sales of virtual reality hardware and software will account for revenues of 4.3 billion US dollars in 2016. For 2018, an increase to 9.3 billion US dollars is forecasted.

Games Industry at the Forefront

VR offers new possibilities to many sectors, but also means facing new challenges. To clarify this topic, Unified interviewed experts from various sectors. Moritz Avenarius sees the gaming industry as a pioneer of VR. Virtual reality enables new gaming experiences, with users could sharing imagined realities. Daniel Bröckerhoff, presenter of today + and expert on digital topics, also sees new opportunities for journalism: “The consumer will take a 360-degree perspective. By doing so, it will be possible to explore a topic deeper than ever before, and more intense.”

But Bröckerhoff also refers to the necessary willingness of users to consciously deal with something that may turn out quite time-consuming, too. In the new issue, Unified will present a number of practical applications, such as a VR-project used for medical studies.

VR – Everyday Application or still Utopia?

Is VR soon an everyday application, or will the technology an utopia? Which industries will benefit from VR? More on this topic, expert opinions and statistical analyses can be found at Unified #6.

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