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How to Monetise Content

Fifth edition of Hamburg's digital magazine "unified" tackles the monetisation of content. nextMedia.Hamburg addresses future strategies of digital media

“It’s more than just a buzzword. It secures the future of the media and digital industry.” The economic value of content is made clear by the introductory sentence of the fifth edition of the digital magazine “Unified”: http: // With the browser-based publication that strongly relies on video and image material, the location initiative nextMedia.Hamburg provides insights into andand information on the digital media industry.

Alternative Revenue Models

Falling bills decorate the title of the current issue focussing on the monetisation of content, with “It’s all about money” as title. That earnings in digital media are declining is not a novelty. Unified thus displays current revenue models and possible alternatives. Editor of the edition is Faktor 3 on behalf of the initiative. Focal themes of the fifth edition are, inter alia, Social Journalism, Content marketing, and Gamification. The entire magazine can be read or viewed for free online. For more information about digital magazine, please contact nextMedia.Hamburg or check out its website.

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