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DESY "Innovation Village" for start-ups to open

New village to accommodate offices, workshop and labs - first Science City building

DESY’s new “I Love Innovation”-themed Innovation Village was officially opened Thursday during a ceremony attended by the DESY Directorate, representatives of the German government and of Hamburg. The village with around 1,000 square meters of floor space will provide DESY start-ups with office space, workshops and laboratory space.

Making innovation visible

The DESY Innovation Village is one of our hobbyhorses for advancing innovation, new ideas and knowledge and technology transfer on campus. It shows that DESY has focused on these topics in recent years,” said Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors. The DESY Innovation Village is a first building block that will advance innovation and transfer in the overall concept of” Science City Bahrenfeld.

Environment for knowledge-based start-ups

Two more buildings for start-ups and innovation projects are to be built in the coming years namely the Innovation Centre and the Technology and Start-up Centre. Until completion, the village will be used mainly by DESY start-ups. More innovative activities will be added such as working groups for validation projects or employees in the start-up phase of their own companies.

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