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designexport opened

A relevant business sector, design is the interface between culture, science, technology, and the economy.

Hamburg boasts a new centre for designers and design enthusiasts. At HafenCity’s Elbe arcades, the design centre “designexport” with a gross floor space of 700 square metres was inaugurated with an exhibition of more than 150 designers, conferences, and a designxport popup festival on 5 and 6 July. Artful posters and installations next to soup cans and aesthetically placed biscuit boxes and beer bottles exemplify on the “Wall of Fame” packaging design made in Hamburg. “Here, design is anchored in everyday life,” managing director Babette Peters said in her opening speech, and emphasised: “designxport is the interface of culture, science, technology, and the economy.”

Hamburg – capital of design

The publicly funded design centre will act as initiator and host of presentations and exhibitons, and promote the exchange with designers from home and abroad. designxport is thus the ambassador of the German capital of design,Peters: “On the banks of Elbe and Alster, more designers are working than in any other German state. With an annual turnover of 1.2 billion euros (2008), they account for the nation’s highest accumulated turn-over.

Practical use and everyday life research

designxport also wants to be a platform for public discourse. What is design, and what can be achieved by design? Designer thus analyse the daily use of goods and design in everyday life, discover and use environmentally friendly materials, develop interactions between people and their environment, and optimise communication..

Launch exhibition

In the centre’s first exhibition titled “Just One Percent“, 152 of the 14,000 designers working in Hamburg in the field of communication, online, fashion, glass, textile, industry, product, interior design, and brand building present themselves with posters especially created for this occasion (4 July until late August). him

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Design capital Hamburg

In the past decades, Hamburg developed into Germany’s leading design capital. Its spectrum of services ranges from fashion, jewellery, and textil design, to industry, production, and exhibition design. Accordingly, the Hamburg design industry is not only the sector with the highest number freelancers and self-employed people. but also an impressively high number of companies. In total, around 14,000 designers are being employed by some 3,000 design agencies, international agency networks and other industry-related companies. In 2008, they jointly generated a turn-over of 1.2 billion euros. (source: Creative Economy Report for Hamburg 2012).

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