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New database for skilled trades

Improved search function and expanded services. Offered free of charge with consultancy, if wished.

Only with affordable premises, Hamburg’s skilled trades and crafts will remain a stable economic factor of the Hanseatic city. The development of new, centrally located commercial parks like the new premises for crafts and trades at Offakamp is thus of utmost priority. To support the trades and crafts sector even further, and much faster, the Hamburg Chamber of Trades and HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, thus agreed to co-operate in the field of strategic land management. Thus, they now jointly made available existing land reserves and premises for the sector on the online platform “Hamburg Real Estate Database” at

Custom-tailored search

In addition, the services for trades and crafts have been expanded. Enterprises looking for suitable premises are now able to enter “handwerksgeeignet” (suitable for trades and crafts) as search criteria when browsing the database of the Hamburg Chamber of Trades at From business premises in the city centre to the perfect spot of a garage or other workshop, the search can be custom-tailored to specific needs and preferences. In the master plan “Trades and Crafts 2020”, the Hamburg Senate and the Hamburg Chamber of Trades had agreed to follow several strategic approaches to generate and provide suitable and affordable working premises for the sector within Hamburg’s city limits.

Also possible: to offer plots and premises

Newly added to the database has also been the option for entrepreneurs to publish their search criteria, and provide detailed information on the plot of land, workshop, studio, or other property they are looking for. With the quest available to a much larger audience, it will become more attractive for property owners and real estate agents to offer or search the platform for plots of land or new premises. The service is offered free of charge. Please contact the Hamburg Chamber of Trades or HWF for free consultancy on the new offer.


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Die HDB Hamburger Datenbank für private Gewerbeimmobilien wurde von der HWF im April 2009 gestartet. Für die Kooperation mit der Handwerkskammer wurde sie ausgebaut und an die alternative Nutzung durch mobile Anwendungen wie Tablets und Smartphones angepasst. Unter dem neuen Namen “Hamburger Immobiliendatenbank” enthält sie jetzt auch vielfältige Kartenfunktionen, Standortinformationen, Marktberichte und Veranstaltungshinweise sowie Darstellungen der geplanten Technologiezentren in Hamburg. Als nächster Schritt ist die Ausweitung der Kooperation auf die Handelskammer und die Integration der HDB in deren Online-Auftritt geplant.

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