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Crowdfunding Platform "Nordstarter" Collects More Than One Million Euro

Launched three years ago, more than 145 projects from all areas of Hamburg's creative industries have been supported

Since its launch three years ago, the regional crowdfunding platform “Nordstarter” has been successfully supporting 145 crowdfunding projects from all creative branches on its platform and helped to win sponsors for their funding.

Co-Operation With Startnext

A crowdfunding project is being financed by a large number of people who all pay a small amount of money for the implementation of the projects. “Nordstarter” was founded by the Hamburg Creative Society in co-operation with the German crowdfunding platform “Start Next”. Last year’s successful projects of Nordstarter include, inter alia, some 60,000 euro collected for the preservation of MS Stubnitz, a vessel revitalised for culture. The production of the film “Eye Level” was funded with 52,000 euro, and the live music club “Hasenschaukel” was saved due to 20,000 euro from crowdfunding. In addition, numerous smaller funds have been collected for music and theatre productions, literature, and design projects.

Crowdfunding Workshops Free Of Charge

To reach a high success rates and increase the results in search of donors, the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft offers free workshops on a regular basis, where all those interested in crowdfunding can prepare their campaigns. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, the use of “Nordstarter” is free of charge, with only transaction costs of third parties having to be paid.

Alternative Financing Models

Prof. Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minster of Culture: “The success of Nordstarter proves the novel concept of this financial instrument. It is a perfect addition to existing subsidies and financial options and offers higher flexibility to those who may not yet covered by many funding programmes due to their different or innovative approach. “

Egbert Rühl, managing director of the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft: “Nordstarter is coming of age. Crowdfunding has left the and has become a serious and professional financing alternative for those who put more trust in intelligence and empathy of others than in traditional financing models. “

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The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is a municipal institution founded in 2010 to promote Hamburg’s creative industries. As a directly accessible contact and service facility, it is open to all creative stakeholders and enterprises in the Hanseatic city. Its main task is to improve the general conditions for the creative industries in Hamburg and to act as an interface between the different fields within the creative industries and other players in business, politics and society.
source: Hamburger Kreativgesellschaft,

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